“From a little spark may burst a flame” – Dante Alighier

Welcome to Spark, a church that truly welcomes and embraces all. Here our doors are open to those seeking genuine community. Our focus is seeking relationship with Jesus in a word-based and spirit-led environment. At Spark we believe that worship, prayer and sharing communion help promote a community where God is central. Our pastors Elizabeth and Bec provide leadership and pastoral care with prayerful, unconditional acceptance. We each have a story, unique and special. At Spark we want you to feel welcome and supported, while championing the gifts you have. Like an electric switch, we hope to help ‘spark’ your love for your faith and for others. So why not come along and meet the Spark church, a community of regular people seeking to love and share God’s love with whoever walks through the door – Laura B

In Spark I found a family and in Bec and Liz found amazing friends and sisters (and mothers) in the faith. They work tirelessly and faithfully to welcome people and show them towards Christ. An absolute inspiration. I’m grateful to know them – Roland J

SPARK is a Church of complete and unconditional love! How do I know this? Because its ministers (to me pasta is something you eat! ???… feel free to wit this out! ?) are two precious angels God brought to earth who are full of unconditional love. This is a SAFE place! – Dean M

Spark church is very a welcoming place, to just have a place to be, to praise the Good Lord. It’s nice to have honest, caring pastor’s as Elizabeth and Bec giving Hope, prayer and unity – Wendy G